The Best Running Routes in the Twin Cities

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Thomas Allen Disselkamp performs in the role of product development specialist at 3M Company. Thomas Disselkamp spends his free time engaging in a variety of hobbies, including running.  He completed Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth MN, with an average time per mile of under 8 minutes.

The Twin Cities is full of runners like Tom Disselkamp and, as a result, full of beautiful routes to run. Described below are some of the best routes in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

1. Mississippi River: The river winds through the city and there are many places to start a run, but one of the most picturesque is St. Anthony Main, the birthplace of Minneapolis. Individuals can run along one side of the river or cross one of the 13 bridges for a view from the opposite bank.

2. The Lakes: Any Minneapolis runner will enjoy running along the Lakes, a series of four connected lakes in the city. The full circuit runs 13.3 miles and is full of beautiful scenery and gorgeous houses.

3. Summit Avenue: Like the Lakes, Summit Avenue in St. Paul offers views of breathtaking homes. Starting at the river and ending at the capitol building will take a runner approximately six miles.


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