3M Innovations Help Disaster Response Personnel Worldwide

For more than 30 years with 3M Company, Thomas Allen Disselkamp has played a key role in the development of a wide variety of consumer and OEM products. Utilizing his knowledge and experience in the fields of electronics and optics, Tom Disselkamp has contributed both as a cross functional team member and as team leader. Thomas Disselkamp has worked with several 3M divisions and in many globally located manufacturing facilities.

Around the world, 3M technologies have proved useful to people in various crises. For example, during the Chilean mine collapse of 2010, rescuers sent 3M’s mobile projector down a narrow communications hole to 33 trapped miners. They used the device to transmit medical and survival information, messages from families, and even entertainment. Miniaturizing the projector required several innovations by 3M’s in-house team, including a reflective film polarizer.

In recent years, 3M technologies have also helped Syrian refugees and the Turkish government organize camps in Turkey. The refugees’ lack of identification caused serious logistical problems in relief efforts. By using customized 3M fingerprinting systems and biometric photo IDs, camp officials ensured the appropriate distribution of blankets, food, and medical services.


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