Best Time to Visit Australia

Thomas Disselkamp serves as a Product Development Specialist with 3M Company in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he has been since 1981. Outside of work, Thomas Allen Disselkamp enjoys traveling. He has been to all 50 states and plans to travel to Australia in the future. Tom Disselkamp has been to New Zealand, not too distant from Australia globally speaking. He and a college friend spent 10 weeks hiking and exploring both NZ islands, where they enjoyed the company of several Australians also visiting the area.

Australia is at the top of many travelers’ lists for many reasons, including breathtaking scenery, unusual wildlife, and its remote setting. When planning a trip to one of the southernmost countries, visitors should take many factors into consideration. First of all, airfares to the country are cheapest between April and August. April through September is the most pleasant time to visit the continent, as these months offer temperatures between 66 and 88 degrees with little rainfall. However, these are also the peak months of tourism, so many tours and accommodations will be booked far in advance and will be more expensive than normal. Frommer’s encourages travelers to visit in September and October when it is still warm but cool enough so that travelers can explore comfortably.


One thought on “Best Time to Visit Australia

  1. I will be touring Australia in the near future…..diving the Great Barrier Reef and seeing the land. Great outgoing people!

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