Recommendations for Personally Re-Homing Your Pet

An electrical engineer and experienced team leader, Thomas Allen Disselkamp currently serves as a product development specialist at 3M. Thomas (Tom) Disselkamp also engages in a variety of charitable and civic activities, including volunteering with his local Animal Humane Society.

While the Animal Humane Society offers a variety of open-admission shelter services, it does present pet owners with recommendations for personally re-homing their pets instead of bringing them to a shelter. Owners should plan ahead for the weeks or months that it may take to find the best home for the animal. To increase adoptibility, owners should ensure that their pet is groomed, spayed or neutered, and current with their vaccinations.

Pet owners should also tell friends, coworkers, and neighbors that their pet needs a new home. Advertisements online and in local newspapers can further increase the likelihood of finding the pet a good home.

Additionally, owners should always screen interested adopters. An adoption fee will help to discourage dishonest parties. The Animal Humane Society also recommends that pet owners obtain contact information from the adopters so they can follow up on the pet’s transition to the new home.


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