The Great Math Mystery

Tom Disselkamp has been with 3M Company as Electrical Engineer for 30 years.  Thomas Disselkamp has worked in a variety of capacities from design engineer and systems engineer to program and people management.  In his time away from work, Thomas Allen Disselkamp enjoys watching educational television shows such as the PBS NOVA series.

In a recent episode, titled “The Great Math Mystery”, NOVA explored the question of whether mathematics is a construct of the human mind or whether it exists independently on its own.  This is a fascinating and perplexing question as to how the abstract concepts of numbers and their relationships explain the vast majority of all physical phenomena in the known universe – from the Newtonian physics of molecular motion to the gravitational attraction and behavior of galaxies.  Many schools of thought posit that mathematics already exists as in integral part of the physical universe, only to be discovered by us through observation and designed experimentation.  At the end of “The Great Math Mystery”, a famous professor concluded that it could very well be a combination of both.


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