Thomas Disselkamp Supports Unbound

Unbound pic


Thomas Allen Disselkamp works as a product development specialist with 3M Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thomas Disselkamp has been employed with 3M since 1981. In his free time, Tom Disselkamp sponsors two children internationally through the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, now called Unbound.

As an antipoverty organization, Unbound works with families and the local groups and organizations that support them in an effort to help these people develop lasting strategies for self-sufficiency. Unbound measures program effectiveness using a three-tier method; these tiers are known as the plane, the plaza, and the porch.

The plane tier encompasses Unbound’s broad efforts to engage programs and countries. The plaza tier examines local outcomes of the organization’s assistance, while the porch tier monitors outcomes on an individual level with people assisted by Unbound.

Unbound organizes its leadership and governance under the Carver Model, which dictates the governing body responsible for defining the outcomes of the organization’s efforts. This governing body also creates policies that contribute to the achievement of these outcomes by guiding the efforts of the organization’s leaders.


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