About Thomas Disselkamp

Thomas Allen Disselkamp serves as a product development specialist with 3M Company, where he has worked for more than three decades. In this position, Thomas Disselkamp aids in the development of new electrical, electronic, and optical products for international markets. His duties include setting up quality assurance protocol, ensuring that products meet safety requirements, and approving new plans. During his tenure, he has won several honors in recognition of his accomplishments, including a corporate Engineering Achievement Award for a new optical process monitoring system and a Quality Achievement Award for an optical magnetic tape defect detection system developed for the Department of Defense.

Recreationally, Thomas Disselkamp enjoys spending time outdoors in his vegetable garden and refining his skills as a woodworker. He is also a travel enthusiast who has visited most of the 50 states and several international destinations. In the near future, he will visit Australia. A dedicated community member, Tom Disselkamp dedicates time to his church and as a volunteer at Feed My Starving Children. He additionally sponsors two international children through the Hope for Family program at the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.


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