Use of Lasers Aid in Medical Procedures

Lasers in the Medical Field pic

Lasers in the Medical Field

Thomas Disselkamp has worked in a number of capacities for 3M, a conglomerate corporation based in Minnesota that creates products and technologies across several different consumer and business markets. Thomas Allen Disselkamp has over 30 years of experience with the company and continues to educate himself on science and technology topics.

One topic that interests Tom Disselkamp is the use of lasers in the medical field. A laser is a device that emits a specific type of light, which can be used for different tasks, including cutting. Since their creation in 1960, lasers have been used in a number of applications in hospitals and medical offices.

Laser scalpels can cut neatly, and its consistent beam gives it the same pressure throughout the cut. Lasers also can be used for cauterization.

Another use for lasers is in eye surgery. Lasers have been quite efficient at removing extra blood vessels attached to the retina and repairing the retina itself. They also have been used to treat glaucoma by creating a hole to drain excess fluid from the eye.

Dentists use lasers in their offices to address periodontal diseases and cavities with tiny incisions and scrapes that require no anesthetic. Laser whitening treatments use lasers in conjunction with bleaching agents to create brighter smiles.

Doctors can use lasers to clean out arteries in a process called a laser angioplasty. One advantage is that it uses a much smaller incision, and the patient has a quicker recovery time.

Lasers have been used to remove birthmarks and tattoos. The technology is used in unwanted hair removal as well.

Lasers have created many advances in the medical field in the past few decades, and medical scientists are discovering more uses to be implemented in the years to come.