Feed My Starving Children Marks One Year of Meals for Tanna Children

Feed My Starving Children pic

Feed My Starving Children
Image: fmsc.org

Thomas Allen Disselkamp leverages more than three decades of experience in electrical and optical engineering to serve as a product development specialist at 3M Company in Minnesota. On top of his professional endeavors, Thomas Disselkamp, or Tom Disselkamp, supports a number of nonprofit organizations, including Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).

In March of 2016, FMSC announced that it has been providing meals to children on the island of Tanna ever since the island was hit by Cyclone Pam in March 2015. Many of the villagers on Tanna are subsistence farmers whose crops were destroyed by the cyclone and further obstructed by lingering drought conditions. For the past year, FSMC has been working with the Christadelphian Bethezer Fund to provide 330 students at the Kapalpal School with nutritious meals every school day.

Along with meals for school children on Tanna, FMCS has supported the health and well-being of younger children on the island by delivering Potato-W meals, which are specially formulated meals designed to meet the nutrient requirements of babies and very young children.