Three Tips for Planning Your Next Landscaping Project

Landscaping Project pic

Landscaping Project

Thomas Allen Disselkamp is a product development specialist working for 3M, where he has won multiple awards for his work in engineering. In his free time, Thomas Disselkamp enjoys landscaping.

Proper planning is essential to a successful landscaping job. Whether you are a landscaping lover like Tom Disselkamp or are doing a project out of necessity, these three tips will help you make the most of your next landscaping project.

1. Your Focal Point– The focal point of your landscape is the eye-catching feature that forces people to look at your yard, visually directing them through your landscape. Consider using something that stands out as your focal point – something unique to the space but connected through a theme, shape, or color.

2. Starting Small– You do not need to renovate your yard in a weekend, despite how easy TV shows often make it appear. You should have an overall plan, but don’t be afraid to take your time getting there. An added benefit of taking it slow is that you’ll have more time to consider your options and change plans as needed.

3. Movement– Adding movement to your landscape helps it feel alive, as if it is a part of nature. Flowers do well to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees to liven up your garden, while berry plants or bird feeders bring additional life to the space.