Elder Sponsorship through Unbound

Formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound seeks financial sponsorship for individuals in need, devoting nearly $0.93 of each $1 to direct program support. In addition to offering sponsorships for children, the organization gives individuals the opportunity to sponsor a senior citizen who is in need.

The only major organization that offers this type of sponsorship program, Unbound partners with donors to help people around the world live out their elder years in with dignity and well-being. Elder sponsorship through Unbound helps provide seniors with essential food supplies and health care. Unbound also attends to the social and psychological needs of elderly people by offering access to various recreational activities and support groups.

About the Author:

Thomas Disselkamp

Thomas Allen Disselkamp is an accomplished Minneapolis-Saint Paul-area electrical engineer who serves as a product development specialist with the 3M Company’s Infection Prevention Division. Outside of the professional arena, Thomas Disselkamp serves as a volunteer for a number of local charities. Tom Disselkamp also sponsors two children through Unbound.