Unbound Helps Families Around the Globe Through Sponsorship Programs

Unbound pic

Image: unbound.org

With more than 30 years of experience working in electronic, mechanical, and computer systems development, Thomas Allen Disselkamp is a product-development specialist for the 3M Corporation in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dedicated to helping others, Tom Disselkamp sponsors two international children through the charitable organization Unbound.

Created by former missionaries who had witnessed poverty in Latin America, Unbound seeks to help people who are in need live with dignity. Originally called Christian Foundation for Children, the organization changed its name to Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, and then in 2013 to its current name of Unbound. Since its creation, Unbound has helped more than 800,000 children, students, and aging individuals.

In March of 2016, Unbound shared the story of Eliza, a mother of seven, who lives in the Philippines. Her 20-year-old son has been sponsored by Unbound since 2004, and thanks to the support of his Unbound sponsors, he is able to attend school. The sponsorship money is also used to supplement her family’s everyday needs for food and necessities. In addition to financial assistance, another benefit Eliza receives is the opportunity to participate in workshops facilitated by the local government. One such workshop is conducted by the Women’s Weavers Association, which teaches Eliza and other mothers the art of hablon, or the weaving of beautiful products, which can lead to additional income.